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Welcome! I’m Sarah15936519_10104403623804461_19147674257912458_o. Christ-follower, ministry wife, boy mom, biblical counselor, writer, daughter, sister, friend. I started this blog, originally titled The Rice Life, about three years ago to document our adventures in seminary and the milestones of our first son. Since that time, our life has changed and our family has grown as well. It seemed fitting that this blog should move and change with us.

I write on a hodgepodge of topics in this space, primarily because writing helps me work through and organize the myriad of thoughts muddled about in my brain. Writing helps me visualize how my faith and life connect in every area and how no part of my life is untouched by the gospel of Jesus. During this season of life, I’m blessed to serve alongside my husband in ministry, counseling and teaching women the Word of God. I’m also deep in the trenches of mothering through “the little years,” experiencing both the great joys and challenges this season brings. My two tiny boys are changing, growing, and developing at unbelievably rapid rates these days, and I recently watched them both progress from crawling, to taking their first wobbly steps, to walking steadily, and finally to running in leaps and bounds. This reminded me of my own walk of faith. Because learning to walk with Jesus is progressive. And it’s a lot about getting back up when you fall. . . or, rather, clinging to Him in reckless faith as He picks you up and puts you back on your feet . . . just like I do for my babies.

Ultimately, this blog is documentation of my lifelong journey of learning to walk with Jesus, the beautiful parts and the not so beautiful parts. Marriage, motherhood, and ministry are all both extremely fulfilling and extremely challenging parts of this lifelong walk . . . things He uses both to bless and test me, things he uses to make me more like Him. My prayer is that I will one day be able to look back at these written words and see how I learned to walk more faithfully by my Savior with each passing day. I pray I will look back and see how I progressed from wobbly baby steps of faith to running beside Him in leaps and bounds.

From baby steps to bounds. That is my prayer for me and mine. And my hope for you and yours.

Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord . . .Psalm 102:18

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