Because I don’t have enough pictures of my child. . .

I made a few one-year photos of Mr. Boy that I wanted to share.

We’re planning to have an actual professional make some family photos later in the fall when the leaves change, but I wanted to attempt a few good shots at Mr. Boy’s one year mark. You know, maybe score a few framers.

{Because, like I said, we just don’t have enough pictures of him}

{I’m hoping you’re catching the sarcasm.}

And. . . it was an act of congress. Fortunately, Mr. Boy was quite mesmerized by cars whizzing by on the street. That kept him still for a hot second. Or two.

L’s precious outfit was a gift from his girl Ama-Watts. I think her sweet mom helped her pick it out :). It is so special to me because it will always remind me of them.

Mom said that these pictures remind her of a young Brit roaming the English countryside. . .

{Hark! A lark!}

And I can see that. 

He most definitely is our little explorer. And he most definitely has our hearts.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Whitney Alexander says:

    I’m so glad that L likes his outfit! These pics are great. We miss y’all like crazy! Love you, Rices!!

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